Welcome to SugarFree Themes Online Documentation, it covers all the features and usage of SugarFree Classic WordPress Theme. It has been written in a very easy and friendly way for beginners and advanced WP users, even who are new to WordPress can get a complete and running website in just few minutes.

1. How To Install SugarFree Classic Theme:

Installing SugarFree Theme

Installing SugarFree Theme

To install the theme via WordPress dashboard, you can go to WordPress Dashboard → Appearance → Themes → Install Themes.

Select upload to upload the theme’s zip file you received after purchase.

2. Installing via FTP:

After you have downloaded the zip file you received after purchase, extract the file to your PC. Then, access your FTP using any FTP client (for example FileZilla), go to directorywp-content → themes.

Upload the extracted theme folder (sugarfree theme) to that directory. After the upload process complete, you can go to WordPress dashboard → Appearance → Themes to activate the sugarfree theme you just uploaded.


3. Using Theme Customizer:

SugarFree Theme Customizer will provide you with more wonderful and powerful experience with our themes.

Theme Customizer


  • Using Logo & Favicon Section:

               Go to Customize  –> Logo & Favicon Section.

 Logo & Favicon Section


Logo Uploading         

  Choose your logo and you are done!

  Same steps for “Favicon Uploader”


  Standard Size For Favicon should be “16 x 16″ and Image type should be “.ico



  •   Using Heading H1 to H6 Text Colors Section:

               Go to Customize  –> Heading H1 to H6 Text Colors Section.

                              –  Heading H1 Text Color:

                         H1 Text Color

   and same steps till Heading 6.


                         -  Heading H1 GLOW Text Color:

                                     A Feature that will make H1 Text GLOW and GLOW on mouse hover.   

H1 Text GLOW

 and same steps till Heading 6.


  •   Using Navigation Section:


Navigation Section


  • Using Footer Section:





  •  Using Colors Section:

Site Title HOVER Color    

 Colors Section 1


 Colors Section 3


Colors Section 4